Sunday, June 17, 2012

The influence of Fathers- A blessing and a big responsability

The Influence of fathers- A blessing and a big responsibility
By: Felisa Hilbert
June 17, 2012
As a mother of two daughters and son, I cannot help but wonder what type of father my son will be, And who will be the sons in law that will raise my grandchildren.  Therefore, I am writing this thinking of all fathers and to all the young men out there who will be the fathers of the next generation of children.  I do not want to scare anyone, but the title Father requires lots of preparation: physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.  It is not something you can retire out of early.  It is a job for the rest of your life!  What Fathers do now will influence generations to come.  Can you see the big picture?
The family is a stable and secure foundation of Society.  In recent times however, it seems that its stability is in question with the struggling to keep families together. There is a lack of positive influence of fathers in our youth’s homes.  Oh sometimes we have fathers at home but they are busy working providing for the basic need of their families and not having fun and quality time with their families.  
I came to United States when I was 26 years old when all my cognitive skills were already developed….in Spanish.  I realized that if I wanted to survive and function in this country I needed to immerse myself with the sounds, music and sounds of the new language.  I still remember how excited and ecstatic I was when 6 months later I had my first dream in English!  The same principles apply when we teach our children.  We need to immerse them with the sounds and provide an environment that will ease learning and preparation to survive and function in the World.  Homes should be the place where our children learn to read, understand and love.  Our homes are where moral values, reverence, respect and honesty must be taught in a way that helps the growth of good habits.
 A family needs a father to anchor it.  Fathers, your influence is great!  What you do is important!  Your influence is in great need!  Your actions help to establish the morals of the next generation!  You plant the seeds for children to make the world a better place. 
Children understand better, when you do it, then when you say it.  You may not realize it but your children eyes are constantly listening and watching what you do or say.  What you say to your children is important!  They believe in you, they believe what you say to them, your words are powerful.  We can see your wonderful example!  You are their hero, they want to please you and they want to be like you.

 My father died when I was eight and half.  I only enjoyed his presence for a few years, so, I almost forget what his face looks like.  However, I can still remember his voice and I believe what he saw in me.  He always told me that I was smart and different, that no matter what obstacles I faced, l would fulfill my dreams.  I am the person that I am today because I believed in him and trusted in what he had taught to me.  When he died, I killed myself studying and working full time to fulfill my education goals and make him proud…

 Believe me when I say, your children need you, your teenagers need you and adults like me still need the influence a good father.  I volunteer and work in a school setting for the last 15 years with  K-5 grade children and I had  seeing many children starving for a complement, a father hug and good role model.  
Therefore, in honor of Fathers, I want to thank you for what you do and for all your sacrifices and for the power you have to help foster children’s hopes and aspirations. Thanks to all the good men in my life who have been and still are a good role model for me.  Happy father's Day to my husband Dan, my son Thomas and to  all of you wonderful fathers!  


  1. Thank you Felisa for sharing this insight! Fathers are an important piece to the parenting partnership and we need their engagement in the education component! Fatherhood is a lifetime deal, as is motherhood. It is imperative that fathers increase their participation in advocating for children and for our families, as we all must do. Happy Fathers Day to my husband and all of our fathers! Thank you Felisa for All you do! Brenda Martin in Kentucky, Fellow Mom Congress and White House Champion Of Change.

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