Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gifts from the Heart Change the World

Christmas is around the corner.  The streets of my town are filled with sweet smells, colorful garlands and bright decorations.  Christmas songs are playing on the radio and many people are eager to go shopping from Black Friday until December 24th …in search of gifts for their families and friends!  At this time of the year almost everyone thinks about giving to others.

What is it in a gift that makes everyone so excited and happy?  So happy that it makes them cry with joy and excitement?  Well, to start with, a gift means that you are special!  It means that somebody cares about you!

A gift that is carefully selected with someone in mind (whether it was purchased in a store or made at home) has the power to change you and your relationship with the receiver forever.  The reason is because no matter what continent you live on or what language you speak, our needs as human beings are very similar - we all need to feel appreciated.  Additionally, we all need to feel unconditional love; we all need to feel accepted; and we all need have a place to belong.  These are some of our most basic needs because the list can go on and on.  Naturally, as human beings we all yearn to have these needs met at one point or another in our lives.  We want to know that we are important to others, that they value us and care and that we are accepted and trusted.  That is the simple power of a gift - it tells you that someone cares and that you are loved without having to ask for anything.  The funny part is that sometimes the giver has no idea what their gift can do for the receiver.   
Christmas means giving; and to not give is to ignore its true spirit.  If the focus of Christmas was only about receiving, then it would become shallow and more about materialism.  In giving, I am not talking about expensive things, jewelry, etc…  I mean that Christmas is about giving of yourself, your time, your service, your love, your compassion, your empathy, your food and your heart to others in need.
I always love this season!  I love to see people slow down to stop and give you a smile or greeting.  I love to see the random acts of kindness that starts with the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was excited and moved when a local Boy Scout troop collected 5 turkeys with all the trimmings to donate to families in need, then later in December when I saw a teacher buy a coat for a student who was cold and so poor he didn’t have one.  

Giving to others leaves you with a wonderful feeling!  I love the feeling of giving!!  With this simple act of thinking of others rather than yourself, you are transforming others without realizing that you are transforming yourself.  Giving has the power to make you happy and for some reason I always feel like I gain more from the act than the receiver of my gifts.  Again, I am not talking about expensive things or big gifts - I am talking about gifts that matter and melt the heart of both the receiver and giver.  I love this feeling!  I am trying to have it with me 365 days a year because these little acts make me a better person every day.  As such, there is no a price tag that can buy the happiness I feel. 

So this Holiday season I invite you to take time with your family and to carefully select your gifts for those that will receive them.  If you do so, your gifts will change the lives of the receivers - and yours too, forever!  I would also like to invite you to be part of something that has lasting memories.  If you want do something extraordinary you can donate here and change a life forever! http://www.globalproblems-globalsolutions.org/images/friendraiser_uploads/1741954154.orig.gif 

                    Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad!  and a Happy 2014 year!

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